• What the eyelash extensions are made of?

    There are two materials for eyelash extensions, one is Korean PBT fiber and the other is real mink fur.

    The PBT fiber has excellent elongation elasticity, soft and easy dyeing, These materials are also have good durability, dimensional stability and good flexibility, the flexibility is not affected by moisture.

    And the mink fur materials are combed from the living animals, our this materials are real mink fur, all have hair cuticle, the mink fur eyelash extensions are very luxury, it will be vigorous and lustrous after applied!

  • Are your eyelash extensions are safe to the girls?

    Yes, We just collect the best quality raw materials to produce our lashes and we will have Multi-process disinfection treatment to make sure all bacteria-free and not damage the natural eyelashes before we make eyelash extensions. we also have International Profession Certification of Material Safety Data Sheet to prove all of the beautiful eyelash extensions are safe.

  • How long does your eyelash extensions can last and will it be out of shape after applied?

    By following the proper aftercare instructions, the lashes will last as long as your own lash cycle, This process is approx 6 weeks but it different from person to person. After applied our lashes, girls can washing swimming and do whatever you want,it will be as beautiful as ever.but do not sauna, because the glue and lashes will be lose efficacy in over 70℃ situation.

  • What about your company’s customer service?

    We have an expert team and consider for the customer, can work from 7:00am to 0:00am,all messages will be replied very shortly. And we standing on the perspective of the customer to manage,we are sure customers will be happy to doing business with us!

  • Do you have wholesale prices for big buyers?

    Yes, we have custom prices for big customers. small profits but quick turnover is a very good way for both of us to help more girls to become more beautiful.

  • Will you tell me which companies are ordering from you?

    We feel sorry that can’t tell you who are distributing lashes from us,that is trade secret.We also won`t tell anyone that you are ordering from us.

  • How can I place order?

    If you are interested in our products please leave your inquiry on website or just send email to info@magicbeautylashes.com . We are willing to send some stock size eyelash extensions for free before placing orders and it just need to pay the shipping.please inform me if you are happy with our lashes after received the samples.then we will send you an order form to help you write down the specifications of your new order.

  • What is the delivery time of the lash orders?

    All the orders can be finished within about 2-3weeks and will take the fast shipping company to send to you.