More things you should know about Eyelash Extensions

2021/04/02 16:22:45

More things you should know about Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. They provide a beautiful, flawless lash look, mean you no longer need to rely on mascara and last up to six weeks! However, there are several topics that pose doubts in many people's mind.


They are painful and uncomfortable.

This is not true; in fact, many of our clients find the process relaxing and take a nap while having their extensions put in!


They all look the same.

People often assume that lash extensions all have the same glamorous look with maximum volume and length. However, there is a range of lash extension options to choose from, such as a half set, natural lashes, winged lashes, extra curled, volume, the list goes on! Speak to your lash technician about your desired lash look, and they’ll be able to provide it for you!


They damage your natural lashes and make them fall out.

Not if they are applied properly. When lash extensions are added one-by-one to your lash line, they will not cause your lashes to fall out but will be shed with you natural six-week eyelash growth cycle. If you notice lashes coming out in clumps, that is a sign that they were applied incorrectly. Lash extensions can also damage your lash line if they are too heavy, but this can be easily pick up on by a skilled lash technician.


They are only for young people.

This is not true at all; in fact, Magic Beauty has many older clients who do not like to wear mascara but still want beautiful, flawless lashes!

You can pull them out yourself when you’re done with them.

Please do not do this! Pulling out your lashes will traumatize the follicle meaning your lashes will not grow back in that spot. Therefore, it is integral that you either wait for your extensions to fall out naturally or return to your lash clinic to have them removed.

They don’t require any maintenance.

While the amount of maintenance is minute, it is still important. Firstly, after having your lash extensions applied, you should not get them wet for 24 hours – this is to ensure the glue dries perfectly. You should also avoid any contact with oil, and this can weaken the hold of the glue.

You can’t wear mascara on top of them.

You can absolutely put mascara on top of your extensions. This is common if you want a more glamorous look for a night or towards the end of the six weeks. Just ensure you do not use oil-based or waterproof mascara.