Distinguishing Feature: Highly Gap Eyelash Extensions can mixed different lengths in a row,it means 8 mm-11 mm lashes can evenly mixed together! it means there are different lengths in one fan!! so after applied, that will be more natural. The raw material for the highly gap lashes is 100% Korean PBT fiber, which is the best on the market and can hold the curl for 1.5-2 years!!

This technology is a major breakthrough,the lengths can be customized to mix! this camellia eyelash extensions will provide more convenience to the lash trainers!

They are no kink and very easy removable from the thermal tape and make a fan, the lashes have no residue glue when pick up, the thermal tape are real good stick on the second layer of the paper strip.

We can use both 2mm and 3mm width tape to hold the lashes, both tape are thermal and best on the market!!

We are willing to send samples for clients testing our quality and workmanship!

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