Distinguishing Feature:  Easy Fan Volume Eyelash Extension are very popular now, this easy fan eyelash extensions have very light weight, after applied this lash extensions, your eyelashes will be multi-layered and dense but no heaviness!

We use unique technique to make about double quantity lashes in one row than regular volume lash extensions, they are really so very easy to make a fan, so we call them 1 second fanned lashes or easy fan lashes.

The easy fan volume lashes are no kink and very easy removable from the thermal tape, the lash fans have no residue glue when pick up, the thermal tape are real good stick on the second layer of the paper stripe, the lashes are the same length in one row!


Qingdao Magic Beauty Lashes is the most professional eyelashes factory in China for over 13 years.

Our main products are Mega Volume Eyelash ExtensionsRussian Volume Eyelash Extensions , Mink Lashes, Faux Mink  Lashes, Human Hair Lashes with customized Boxes etc.  

We have serviced over 2000+ makeup bloggers and beauty salons all over the world to build and strengthen their own lashes brand and get theirs recognitions because we have been devoted to the quality control from material, lashes process to pack for over 13 years.

If you are seeking a professional eyelashes supplier to save costs and time, Magic Beauty Lashes will be your best choice.

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